“The Switchbox”

Rated R

(think David Fincher’s “SE7EN”)


Image copyright Ted Strutz

“And this…” the young photographer bent to look through the hole. “What was this?”

Detective Lewis slid his hand down the wall, covering the hole. “You don’t want to know, Johnson.”

“Come on, Detective.”

“Suit yourself.” Lewis shrugged.

Dim light in the space beyond the hole revealed enormous hooks hanging from the ceiling, rusty streaks down the walls, layers of thick, dark stains on the floor. “My God. He…hung them up…” Johnson began shaking. “And those cables?”

“Wired to this switchbox.” Lewis pointed. “Three settings: pain, agony, and death.” He looked down. “Forensics says he never used number three.”

I admit it. I’ve watched too many seasons of “Criminal Minds.”

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