“Life Is Like A Boat”

Image copyright Georgia Koch

Image copyright Georgia Koch

I trust, I let you go, I never know if I will see you again. You fade from my sight as the gates between our worlds close, my heart wrenches hard in my chest. No one knows more clearly than I how fragile life is–who could know better than a shinigami? Death follows my tiny boat, I feel its chill breath lifting strands of my hair as I sail. I try to shut my love for you inside me, but it slips free each time our eyes meet, a silver koi swimming up to the golden light of your soul.

My first entry for Friday Fictioneers is a meditation on the difficult relationship between a young man who is still very much alive and a beautiful shinigami girl who loves him. The title was inspired by the lovely song of the same name.

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14 responses to ““Life Is Like A Boat”

  1. I like the idea here very much. I read it at first as though the narrator was the boat itself, symbolising perhaps the life force, which didn’t want to let go of the people who rode it (ie all of us). Your title led me along this path, and your story actually works quite well with this interpretation, I think. Thank you for the little explanation, and the link. Very interesting, and a haunting, sad story either way.


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